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  • Graduating year: 2019
  • Current job title: Analyst, Financial Trading, TransCanada
  • Previous education: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), Financial Analysis, Mount Royal University

What was the highlight of the Rotman experience?

I can confidently say that the highlight of my time at Rotman has been cultivating amazing relationships with such a diverse and ambitious group of students, professors, and administrators. I have been in the company of peers that will one day be the leaders of the financial services industry a few short blocks away from the Rotman School. My peers’ ambitions are so great that they motivated in all of us a yearning to aspire to more than we thought we could. Most of all, the more innate quality about my peers that I will most wholly remember, is the professionalism and excellence that was brought forward in every interaction we had with one another, our professors and program staff, and the broader financial services community.

Did Rotman and the MFRM program meet your expectations?

The MFRM degree far surpassed my expectations. The MFRM program has certainly been a challenging albeit rewarding experience and one that I would undertake time and time again if given the choice. The enduring memory I will have of the experience will always be of those late nights with my peers spent working on program deliverables that rolled into early mornings. There were many instances where it seemed we couldn’t possibly get through this and we always found ourselves defying that initial doubt. The source of this resilience remains grounded in the strength of the community that the MFRM program fosters.

How was your experience with the Rotman community?

My pursuit of this particular degree was motivated by my desire to join the vast and expansive Rotman community.

The experience of learning from world-class academics in an environment equipped with cutting edge resources enabled me to better identify and have confidence in my ultimate career path within the financial services industry.

Rotman offers a full complement of learning, especially when considering the vibrant community it houses within its walls and far beyond 105 St. George. The rich pedagogy that combines theoretical underpinnings and a practitioners lens supports us is having a holistic understanding of our respective disciplines. All of this is coupled with the proactive effort made to highlight the diversity of our campus and the many individuals that contribute to its success.  

What would you say to someone considering choosing the MFRM?

The program requires a great deal of sacrifice in the short yet rigorous eight-month length. (Note: for 2020 entry the program duration will become 10 months). In hindsight the time has truly flashed by before our eyes, prompting me to remind every future candidate to make the most of the experience right from the beginning. This would include getting involved in activities that align with future career prospects and to better determine what it is you want to be doing. Given the short nature of the program it is also important to remember that one cannot possibly partake in all the opportunities that are available, instead opting for those that fit with regard to one’s aspirations. I would recommend pursuing this degree if you are someone who is genuinely passionate about the subject matter. Although the degree has a risk management focus, the program amply prepares candidates for a great career in the many areas within the financial services industry more broadly.

What are your future plans?

I come out of this experience with a conviction in my stride that will pave the way for a forthcoming bright future. I leave Rotman to go on to a full-time role as a Financial Trader at TransCanada. There I will be taking on the responsibility of managing the money markets as well as the stock and debt portfolios of the business. I also intend to continue pursuing my passion for writing, hoping to publish several novels and produce several screenplays in the coming years.

The community that I was able to cultivate has resulted in the strengthening of important characteristics such as respect, empathy, and work ethic. There is no stronger bond than the friendships I have seen transpire over the course of this program, friendships I know will endure through the ages. I have been so fortunate to be a part of this community, one whom I hold in the absolute highest regard. I am privileged to have been amongst each and every one of the people I’ve met at Rotman and I so very much look forward to all the memories we will continue to form together in the years to come.


The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance. 

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