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Introduction to Business Resources

From the Introduction to Business Resources workshops. Any questions about this page, please contact Holly Inglis.

Getting started with NAICS and SIC codes:
  • What are NAICS and SIC codes?   
  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification Standard) and SIC (Standard Industry Classification) are used to classify businesses by industry.  This classification allows for data to be collected by standardized industry codes. 

1. LexisNexis

  • Company screenings, profiles, news and industry information. Instructions for running screenings are available here.
2. IBISWorld
  • Comprehensive industry reports. U of T access includes the growing Canadian collection, extensive U.S. collection, as well as global reports.


Market research reports.  Coverage varies because we have a limited account, so you may find listings online that are not included in our subscription. 

4. ProQuest

  • Market research and reports, industry reports, news and trade publications. Advanced search recommended - narrow down search by full text only, date, source type, document type, location, etc.

5. CB Insights 

  • Start-up and private company information
  • You need to sign up for your own account with your U of T e-mail address

Additional Resources:

Statistics Canada - if you run into a paywall, use CHASS or the links via at the Data Library for U of T's subscription. 

Canadian Business Network from the federal government, includes information on licensing, grants, other tips for starting up a business including market research and statistics. 

Industry Canada has industry data including financial performance data by industry. 

MaRS Entrepreneurs Toolkit including the MaRS library.

Additional Resources - see also our Databases by Subject and Database Highlights pages. We also have links for entrepreneurs, and various LibGuides. 

For freely available information, check out consulting firm (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG) websites to see if they have industry reports. You can often search offices by region.  Also check bank websites or law firms may have reports for industries like mining or M&A industry reports.

Additional Databases:

Business Source Premier

  • International coverage includes company reports, industry reports, news articles, SWOT analyses, etc.

EMIS (Emerging Market Information Service) 

  • Includes China, India, and other countries that would no longer be considered emerging. Start by selecting country, then can search for industry information, statistics, company information, annual reports, financials, and more.


  • International news coverage. Also has industry and company reports. Mergent North American industry reports can be found by searching for Mergent in "Source".
  • North American industry reports broken down by Canada and U.S. coverage, company information and financials for public companies.

International Search tips:

Databases: EMIS, Passport GMID (consumer product focus), IBISWorld for industry, market information, company research

Use IMF, OECD iLibrary, or Economist Intelligence Unit for statistics, demographic or industry information

Look for government statistical sites, departments of commerce or investment: Government Information LibGuide

Search for legislation that affects foreign investment or business practices

Check consulate or embassy websites for legitimate links


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