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Introduction to Research and Library Services

Getting Started with Business Research and Library Resources

The Milt Harris Library is one of 40 libraries on the St.George campus. We are happy to support you as a student of Rotman, and below are some MHL specific resources and some available through University of Toronto Libraries:

1. Check out our list of Databases by Subject, where you can see them in alphabetical order, and see the subject categories below to find specific database lists. These resources are available off-campus.

2. Check out the library catalogue for news articles, trade publications (including industry publications), journal articles, books, and more:
 Your T-Card is your library card.

3. We have a list of key newspapers and periodicals (Harvard Business Review, The Economist) and access information available here.

4. For any questions or research assistance, contact your librarians! Our general inbox is, or you can contact us directly at or

5. Additional Library Resources:

(a) Workshops Calendar and Registration. The library also offers self-paced modules and recorded workshops on library skills, data visualization, and more. Any Rotman specific webinars or workshops will be listed here.
(b) Old Exams Repository.
(c) Research and course guides. Includes the citation management guide (find out which software is free to you as a U of T student), company, industry, business design, and entrepreneurship guides.