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RSM493: Entrepreneurship

Compiled by Holly Inglis for the February 7, 2024 class presentation. 

Databases by Subject has a list of key business databases in alphabetical order, as well as expandable subjects to find a list of relevant resources. 

Entrepreneurship librarian Carey Toane has an Entrepreneurship research guide. Carey is on research leave and all research questions can be sent to the MHL. 

Citation resources for business: The McGill Management and Business guide lists citation style by database. 

PitchBook - requires registration with your U of T email. Venture capital, private equity, market mapping.  

For information on industries and business outside of Canada and the US, try EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service).  

IBISWorld has Canadian, US, and Global industry reports. Includes supply chain and market information. 

Passport GMID has global data and analytical tools. Includes various industries including services and supply; economy information including business dynamics, cities and sustainability; consumer information including digital consumer, households, lifestyles and populations. Includes cannabis research. 

SimplyAnalytics- mapping tool for Canada and the US that includes consumer behaviour, demographic, and business data. The Map & Data library has a tutorial for getting started here. 

eMarketer – Looks at ecommerce (including cross-border), advertising and marketing, social media, etc. Includes B2B, tech, health, forecasts, etc.

Statista – product, industry, trend reports

Gartner – Tech reports

Frost & Sullivan – Tech, medical devices, etc. They have regular news updates from an industry or market standpoint. - market research reports from various publishers. Due to academic account limitations, does not contain all reports available from

For research questions or a consultation, please contact Holly.