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April and May  2022       

Topic: Design Your Life - Find Success and Fulfillment Post Graduation

Practical objective:

Apply a design framework to design a fulfilling and successful personal and professional future post-graduation.


Through this two-part workshop, you will learn how to apply design to fulfilling careers and lives using the “design your life” approach as well as positive psychology-based tools. This workshop is open to all Rotman students in their final year of study.


By the end of the two sessions, you will have developed a deeper understanding of yourself and developed an idea for life and a career that suits your unique strength and abilities. Moreover, you will experience design mindsets and techniques in combination with theories from positive psychology to drive personal and professional development.  

Educational approach: Experience-based / studio learning.

Time commitment 180min: 2 x 90 min workshops


Dr. Ingo Rauth is a Certified Leadership Coach and Adjunct Professor, teaching at IE Business School (Madrid) and Rotman School of Management. He had more than 12 different jobs, lived in 35+ “homes” in seven countries, and sold everything he had three times in the process. His current career design combines his strengths related to coaching and education with his passion for professional and leadership development. Throughout his unconventional career, Ingo has been fortunate to support clients at organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies (P&G, IBM, Walmart, AWS), to startups (Lyft, Shopify, Nudge), to some of the world's leading executive education programs. 


Please register by April 20th 5pm using the following link:   Workshop Registration




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