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Branded promotional materials

Show your pride!

Branded items are a great way to promote your event, your program, your club, or your initiative. But be careful- items could also have been made in inhumane work conditions.

In the spring of 2000, the University of Toronto passed a policy to ensure that all merchandise bearing its marks are produced under humane and non-exploitative conditions – the first Canadian University to do so. Each vendor we use, therefore, must become an official U of T licensee. To become a licensee, please visit U of T Trademark Licensing for details.

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Branding tip:
Whenever possible, create general Rotman products that can be used by many in our community, as opposed to being event specific. For example, anything branded with a date or year, such as Culture Day 2019, will become instantly unusable to others in a matter of months should quantities remain. 

Choose simple, clean merchandise with the highest possible quality and utility. Anything that is both beautiful and useful will be used and hence project the brand out in the world.