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The media wall and digital signage are Rotman’s voice to the world. They can give life to an idea, feature your work or advertise an event. Much of content can also be used throughout social media channels such as Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Typical Media Wall content includes:


The Media Wall has been developed to create a new kind of inspirational & educational digital experience for students, faculty and staff at Rotman. It can be an exhibition of Rotman’s talent, achievements and exciting daily activity. It is a go-to source for inspiration; a quick hit of exciting information; and a platform for others to share their BIG ideas. By providing viewers with content that is relevant, interesting, exciting and useful, we hope to enrich the overall daily Rotman experience and inspire new ways of thinking!

The rhythm of the year is tracked by what ends up on the wall and will result in an ideas book each spring.

If you want to share what you are learning with our community or you have an event people need to know about, contact us: Eugene.Grichko@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca

Things to know about the wall:

  • there is no sound so your idea needs to stand for itself visually
  • the borders around each screen create a black grid - good design accommodates the grid and poorly thought-through design is dominated by it. Work with us to create the images and everyone’s experience will be better.
  • if you cannot give us enough time to create something new for the media wall, we will stream an interactive website connected to your project as a stand-in.


At Rotman there are three types of digital signs:

  •             events of the day (automated listing) and building directory
  •             promotional screens that paint a picture of life at Rotman
  •             local informational screens that serve a specific function


  • Design & Format: If you have pre-existing designs/content that you would like to be featured on the media wall or one of the digital screens throughout Rotman, please make sure it is created in a 16:9 ratio. Adobe files (Illustrator, InDesign, Flash or Photoshop) are preferred in case we need to make changes. Contact Eugene Grichko to submit your content.

  • Review Process: Please ensure that all submissions are made at least 5 business days prior to when you want your content to be displayed. This will give us ample time to review your designs and make changes if necessary.


If you would like us to create unique content for the media wall or one of the digital screens please follow these 4 easy steps: 

  1. Plan Ahead. Don't leave things to the last minute. 
  2. Gather all your elements (visuals, logos, content) and think about what you want to say. 
  3. Contact Eugene Grichko at least 5-10 business days before you wish your content to be displayed.
    We will follow up with you several days later to review the design. Agree on approach and sign-off. We will take care of the rest. 
  4. Enjoy the results.

If you would like to get information onto these screens, please contact Eugene Grichko.

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