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OBHRM: Faculty by Research Focus

Our Strength: Our Faculty

As a PhD student you will work closely with faculty that share your research interests, are working on similar areas, or can provide a new perspective. The faculty members in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management are well known for their research and scholarly insights on a wide range of topics. Read to learn more about what our faculty members are currently working on.


Hugh P. Gunz

Communications Technologies in the Workplace

David Zweig 


 Jia Lin Xie

Decision Making

Marlys Christianson, Jacob B. Hirsh, Geoffrey Leonardelli, Glen R. WhyteChen-Bo Zhong

Electronic Performance Monitoring

David Zweig

Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

Tiziana Casciaro, Stéphane CôtéJohn Trougakos

Employer-Employee Relations

Samantha HansenAnil Verma

Ethical Decision Making

Katherine DeCelles, Hugh P. Gunz, Chen-Bo Zhong

Groups and Teams

Marlys Christianson, Matthew FeinbergGeoffrey Leonardelli

Gender and Diversity in Organizations

Sonia K. KangAnil Verma

Human Resource Management

Hugh P. Gunz, Gary P. Latham, Julie McCarthy, Maria Rotundo, Alan Saks, Soo Min TohAnil Verma

International Management

Soo Min Toh, Anil Verma, Jia Lin Xie

Job Search

Julie McCarthy, Alan Saks


Tiziana Casciaro, Stéphane Côté, Gary P. Latham, Geoffrey Leonardelli, Julie McCarthy, Maria Rotundo, John Trougakos,Glen R. Whyte

Managing Professionals

Hugh P. Gunz 


Gary P. Latham, Geoffrey Leonardelli

Negotiation and Conflict

Stéphane Côté, Geoffrey LeonardelliAnil VermaGlen R. Whyte

Organizational Identity

Katherine DeCelles, Geoffrey Leonardelli

Organizational Justice

Gary P. Latham, Samantha D. Hansen (formerly Montes)

Organizational Networks

Tiziana Casciaro 

Organizational Theory

Tiziana Casciaro

Performance Appraisal

Gary P. Latham, Maria Rotundo


Brian S. Connelly, Jacob B. Hirsh

Power and Politics in Organizations

Katherine DeCelles

Quality of Working Life

Stéphane Côté, John Trougakos


Julie McCarthy, Alan Saks


Gary P. Latham, Julie McCarthy, Maria Rotundo


Gary P. Latham, Geoffrey Leonardelli, John Trougakos


Alan Saks


Stéphane Côté, Katherine DeCelles, Julie McCarthy, John Trougakos, Jia Lin Xie


Katherine DeCelles, Gary P. Latham, Alan Saks, Anil Verma


Samantha D. Hansen (formerly Montes)

Union-Management Relations

Anil Verma 

Work-Life Balance

Julie McCarthy

Workplace Policies and Outcomes

Anil Verma 

Workplace Privacy

David Zweig