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Strategic Management

A world-class, distinctive program

The PhD Program in Strategic Management prepares students for research-oriented careers, and it is considered among the top programs in the world. Among these elite programs, it is distinctive for coupling rigorous discipline-based training with an interdisciplinary approach to the most important strategic questions of our days.

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Strengths of the Program

The PhD Program in Strategic Management prepares students for research-oriented careers. The structure of the program reflects, on the one hand, its interdisciplinary philosophy, and on the other hand, our belief in rigorous discipline-based training.

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Admission to the Program

Admission to the Strategy PhD program is competitive, with the number of qualified applicants largely exceeding the number of available places. Our admissions decisions weigh a number of factors including academic background, research experience, test scores, aspirations, and fit with the research interests of our faculty.

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Program Structure and Requirements

The Rotman PhD program in Strategic Management includes required courses (in theory and methods) “depth” courses, optional personalized courses, a research project, comprehensive examinations and a dissertation.

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Strategic Management has had many graduates over the years and we are very proud of the accomplishments they made in their careers.