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BEAR x BIOrg Webinar Series

Our webinar series features academics and practitioners from all over the globe, conducting innovative research and work in the field of behavioural science.



Behaviourally Informed Change Management: An Evidence-Based Approach to Organizational Change

Wed. April 24, 2024

12:00 - 1:00pm ET 

Beirem Ben Barrah and Philip Jordanov dive into the practical tools and techniques of their new book "The Dynamics of Business Behavior," exploring how behavioural science can transform organizational change management. You will learn practical, evidence-based strategies to enhance stakeholder engagement, leadership support, and employee adaptability. The session highlights the importance of understanding human behaviour in the face of continuous organizational transformation, offering insights into creating a more resilient and innovative workplace culture.


Philip Jordanov
is the lead behavioral scientist at Neurofied. With a background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam, he is passionate about applying this knowledge to tackle challenges in business and society and contribute to positive change. Having played music for over 20 years, Philip can regularly be found playing gypsy jazz guitar with his brother on stage or, with the same stage passion, guest lecturing at universities in the Netherlands.

Beirem Ben Barrah
is the Founder and CEO of Neurofied. He studied international business administration at the Free University Amsterdam (and Kansai Gaidai University), but his true education has been a combination of world-class martial arts training and fighting as well as independently building businesses since he was 18. He consumes dozens of books a year on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and behavioral science to technology and science fiction in order to find underlying patterns across disciplines. His other current passions include Wing Chun kung fu, running, coding, and VR.

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Catch up our 2022-2023 webinar sessions below featuring New South Wales Behavioural Insights Unit, Michael Hallsworth (BIT Americas), Lin Fei & Dan Bartels (Chicago Booth), and IGM Financial. 


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BEAR x BIOrg Webinar Sessions 2023-2024

BEAR x BI Org Webinar Series: PwC - Alex Henderson and Jennifer Xue on Behavioural Segmentation 

Using Behavioural Segmentation to Drive Growth

Tues. February 27, 2024

12:00 - 1:00pm ET 

This talk will share a market-back approach to thinking about customer segmentation. Henderson and Xue will discuss why behavioural insights provides a superior angle to thinking about client segmentation as compared to traditional approaches. Join the session to get an in-depth look into where PwC has used behavioural segmentation to help a mid-sized Canadian FI navigate substantive strategic choices and unlock value in the market.


Alex Henderson, Director - Behavioural Insights Practice Lead, PwC 

Alex leads PwC's Behavioural Insights practice. We're a team of researchers and strategists who help clients create products, services, and experiences that go with the grain of human psychology. We take an interdisciplinary approach to solving client problems, drawing from psychology, behavioural economics, and related disciplines to create actionable solutions that have a measurable impact on the way customers, employees, and citizens make decisions.

Jennifer Xue, Senior Associate - Behavioural Insights Practice, PwC

Jen is a Senior Associate with PwC's Behavioural Insights practice. She focuses on co-creating solutions with clients that are informed by evidence. Her experience includes driving engagements related to marketing and communications, corporate strategy, and experience optimization for public and private clients. Her recent projects include conducting bottom-up segmentation to shape value propositions and servicing recommendations for financial institutions.


BEAR x BI Org Webinar Series: Behavioural Science Applications in Financial Services ft. Bing Feng, Matt Hilchey and Liz Kang


Behavioural Science Applications in the Financial Services

Tues. November 28, 2023

12:00 - 1:00pm ET


  • This special webinar features BEAR and BI-Org Alumni Matthew Hilchey, Liz Kang and Bing Feng who will share their learnings of applying behavioural science and insights in the financial services industry.

    Matthew Hilchey (Sr. Behavioural Science Manager, Scotiabank) will share findings from his research while as a Post Doctoral Researcher at BI Org on credit card disclosures and how might regulatory decisions about highlighting certain features can influence consumer choices during credit card acquisition.

    Liz Kang (Sr. Service Designer, CIBC; previously Knowledge Translation Manager, BEAR and BI Org) will share her career journey and the power of bridging behavioral science in service design to build sustainable user-centric experiences.

    Bing Feng (Manager of Behavioural Finance, TD Wealth; previously Associate Director, BEAR) will share her work on applying behavioural insights in financial literacy and budgeting.

BEAR x BI-Org Webinar Series: Yanwen Wang, University of British Columbia



Too Many Employees Cashing Out Retirement Savings at Job Separation


Wed. October 25, 2023

12:00 - 1:00pm ET 

  • Despite that the US government imposes a 10% penalty to discourage pre-retirement leakage, in the data set the researchers collected of over 160,000 U.S. employees from 2014-2016, 41.4% cashed out at least part of their 401(k)s when leaving a job — and 85% of those drained their balance entirely. Why does this occur at this moment in particular, despite evidence that it can damage your ability to retire and despite warnings from experts that it’s a bad idea? The answer is a combination of bureaucracy and psychology — how cashing out is explained to employees (or automatically occurs if balances are low), and how the “composition” funds in one’s 401(k) balance matters: leakage increases with employer contribution proportion. The researchers offer suggestions for employers to nudge their departing employees toward maintaining their savings and curb avoidable leakage.
  • Speaker: Yanwen WangAssociate Professor in the Marketing and Behavioral Science Division at the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business and the Canada Research Chair in Marketing Analytics.
  • Joined by: Muxin Zhai, Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance and Economics at Texas State University McCoy College of Business, and John G. Lynch, Jr., University of Colorado Distinguished Professor at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado-Boulder.