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Toronto Central LHIN - Community Health Leadership Program

Equipping community health system leaders for the future.

5-day interactive program over 2 modules
Module I: January 12-14, 2014
Module 2: February 17-18, 2014
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Participant Profile: current and emerging leaders from community health organizations


The Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN), in collaboration with the Centre for Health Sector Strategy at the Rotman School of Management, is offering  the Toronto Central LHIN- Community Health Leadership Program. 

This program is designed to enhance the participants’ leadership, innovative thinking, change management, communication, and negotiation skills that will foster new approaches to leadership. It will enable the participants to capitalize on their knowledge, skills and capabilities and augment their capacity to influence and contribute to change in pursuit of the transformational agenda within their organization and the community sector. Furthermore, for the organizations involved, the learning will positively contribute towards enhanced levels of collaboration within as well as outside the organization thus benefiting the community sector and the individuals to be served by these providers.

Program Details

This high-level evidence-based leadership training will equip emerging and current community leaders with the skills and confidence necessary to manage the change processes in the sector.


The program will be offered over 5-days in Toronto, Ontario. The module dates are as follows:

Module I: January 12–14, 2014
Module II: February 17–18, 2014




Registration Process

To register, please click the link below and complete the form. The application deadline is Monday, November 24, 2014.

Before beginning the registration process, please review our application policies.

Register Now TC LHIN - Community Health Leadership Program


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Administrators, Coordinators, Managers, Directors and others with collaborative care planning based on local needs, integrated service delivery planning, and/or care coordination responsibilities
  • Demonstrated involvement in performance improvement initiatives
  • Working across organizational boundaries towards coordinated and integrated care for target populations
  • A member of a performance improvement team
  • Accountable to and supported by their organization for measureable performance improvement
  • Strong letter of support from ED, CEO, Chief, and/or Board Chair

Application Process:

Please note that during the application process you will be required to submit three documents:

1) Your resume

2) A one or two page personal statement that indicates:

  • why you wish to participate in this program and why now
  • your career aspirations for the next 5 to 10 years
  • your current responsibilities (e.g., financial, clinical, for patients or clients, for staff)
  • a record of accomplishment
  • a summary of your experience working successfully across a broad set of stakeholders, including: clinicians; professional associations; governments; and other provider organizations

3) A reference letter

Please provide a reference letter from the most senior person in your organization. If you are CEO or Executive Director (in organizations where ED is the most senior staff position), the letter should be written by the Board Chair. These letters are quite important and should be detailed and specific with respect to why they believe you will benefit from this program and how they believe you will contribute to other participants. We recommend you share the admissions criteria with letter-writers in advance.

4) Commitment Letter

Please have your CEO or Board Chair (if CEO is the applicant) indicate agreement and commitment for the applicant to attend all five days of the program. The form can be found as part of the Program Package. Please have your CEO or Board Chair sign the attached form and email it to: or upload it as part of your online submission.

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