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R MAG Fall 2013

The Inequality Issue (Fall 2017)

In this issue, we look at some of the key issues related to both inequality of outcome (as measured by income or wealth) and inequality of opportunity (as measured by circumstances beyond an individual’s control, such as gender or sexual orientation) and show what today’s leaders can do to address both.

R MAG Fall 2013

The Behavioural Issue (Spring 2017)

At its core, every organization is in the same business: changing behaviour. Behavioural Science shows that humans are myopic and impulsive; we are heavily influenced by other people and by the status quo; and emotion, context and loss-aversion — amongst other things — guide our decisions. In this issue, we seek to expand your understanding of behavioural insights and how they can be applied to achieve your organization’s goals.

R MAG Fall 2013

Smart Power (Winter 2017)

Rising income inequality, revelations of corporate greed, and the democratization of media have flipped the classic pyramid of influence, to a point where the general population now trusts its peers more than those in power. Trust is no longer granted automatically on the basis of hierarchy or title. In today’s world, trust must be earned. The remedy: smart power.

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