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From our latest issue: Secrets of the Best Leaders

(FREE) Winning the '20s: A Leadership Agenda for the Next Decade
by Richard Lesser, Martin Reeves, Ryoji Kimura and Kevin Whitaker

What will it take to win in the 2020s? Among other things, leaders must make learning, imagination and ecosystems part of their ongoing strategy.

(FREE) Management: So Much More Than a Science 
by Roger Martin and Tony Golsby-Smith

Is it right to equate intellectual rigour with data analysis? If the answer is no — as we suggest in this article — then how should managers arrive at their decisions?

(FREE) Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. 
by Brené Brown

Courage has been an aspirational leadership skill for as long as there have been leaders. Yet we haven’t made much progress in developing it.

(FREE) Fixing Tech's Gender Gap: The Bravery Mindset
An interview with Reshma Saujani by Alison Beard

Something still seems to be holding women back from many of today’s most interesting and lucrative jobs. Reshma Saujani is determined to change that.

(FREE) The Next Frontier in Healthcare Innovation
by Kate Steinmann

Two leading healthcare innovators explain why home care is the next area ripe for innovation.

Does Innovation Cause Inequality? 
by Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh

New technology can worsen inequality, which in turn can create a backlash against innovation.

Thought Leader Interview: Clayton Christensen
by Clifford Maxwell and Karen Christensen

The world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation shares some ideas from his latest book.

Thought Leader Interview: John Hennessy
by Karen Christensen

The man who has been called ‘The Godfather of Silicon Valley’ describes the key tenets of his leadership style — and why Google is so successful.

Sensing from Within: The Insight-Driven Organization 
by Alessandro Di Fiore

The best way to detect, define and share customer insights is hiding in plain sight.

Equality=Innovation: How a Culture of Equality Drives Innovation
by Ellyn J. Shook and Julie Sweet

Are you ready to build a culture of equality where people can thrive and create? By embracing three principles, your organization will be primed to be more innovative than ever before. 

The Needs-Adaptive Consumer: Understanding How and Why People Shop
by Claire Tsai

The smartest companies are anticipating 12 particular ‘shopper journeys’ and designing their user experiences accordingly.

Act, Don't React: A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity
by Michael Parent, Greg Murray and David R. Beatty

It is only a matter of time before your organization has a ‘cyber incident’. Are you prepared?

Cultivating an Unstuck Mind: Four Steps to New Insights
by Jay Gordon Cone

When it comes to problem-solving, the questions we ask often undermine our desire to uncover novel insights. Here’s how to counter this tendency.

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