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Leading thinkers from academia, business, consulting, and design give us their input on a key aspect of each issue's theme.


Sarah Kaplan | on two paths to creativity

Rotman Professor Sarah Kaplan discusses creativity and enlightened brainstorming.

Marco Annunziata

Marco Annunziata | on global innovation

The Chief Economist of General Electric discusses the challenge and solution of disruptive innovation.


Daniel Debow | on his entrepreneurial journey

A serial entrepreneur in-the-making describes his passion for pushing the envelope and the opportunities that excite him most.


Nina Mažar | on harnessing 'choice architecture'

Rotman Professor Nina Mažar explains how the careful design of choice architecture can help people act on their good intentions.


Dan Breznitz | on innovation and inequality

A University of Toronto innovation expert gives his views on innovation and inequality in the midst of the world's third globalization.


Erin Meyer | on Communicating Across Cultures

An expert in cross-cultural management describes the importance of subtle behavioural cues.


Anita McGahan with Costas Markides | on the Power of Small Changes

Rotman Professor Anita McGahan and London Business School Professor Costas Markides discuss how small changes can help solve some of our biggest global problems.


Michael Porter | on Creating Shared Value

The founder of the modern strategy field describes how healthy businesses are intrinsically linked to healthy communities.


David Burstein | on empowering Millennials

The Millennial political-movement founder and author describes his generation’s approach to life and work.


Fred Kiel | on 'return on character'

An executive coaching pioneer defines ‘leadership character’, and explains how it affects the bottom line.


Clive Thompson | on the value of ‘public thinking’

The Wired columnist and best-selling author describes the value of Internet-enabled ‘public thinking’.


Jonathan Wai | on finding the next Einstein

A psychologist and human capital expert describes what it takes to become a member of the global elite.


Mark Goulston | on learning to listen

A renowned psychiatrist and difficult conversations expert describes the power of making someone 'feel felt'.


Dan Trefler | on globalization's failures

"Only an ideologue could ignore the hard fact that globalization is not working — or not working as well as it could." - Rotman Professor Dan Trefler

Reva Seth

Reva Seth | on outdated paradigms of motherhood

The author of The MomShift says it’s time to question outdated paradigms of motherhood.

Wendy Dobson

Wendy Dobson | on China’s balancing act

A leading international economist describes the imbalances in the Chinese economy and what its rise means for the rest of the world.