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Business Design Scholarship

The Scholarship will be awarded to incoming MBA students who have expressed an interest in Business Design in their application. They will be asked to provide a short statement expressing their point of view on Business Design.

A Business Design Scholarship Winner will receive:

  • An entrance scholarship
  • A guaranteed placement in First Year Business Design Elective
  • Priority consideration for a paid internship sourced through the Business Design Initiative
  • Guaranteed access to Business Design Initiative’s co-curricular developmental workshops
  • Guaranteed coaching and mentorship to support career progression
  • Public recognition as a Business Design Scholarship Winner

A Business Design Scholarship Winner will:

  • Be an ambassador/ “evangelist” for Business Design
  • Commit to a program of Business Design education including credited courses and supporting, co-curricular workshops
  • Participate in design related challenges (e.g. Rotman Design Challenge and Kellogg Design Challenge