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At the Rotman School, much of the engagement in the practice and methodology of Business Design is driven by our students. Through clubs, challenges and workshops, Rotman students gain an immersive experience in Business Design and Design Thinking,

Graduate Level Workshops

This BDI offers a series of highly interactive and experiential workshops which integrate design, leadership and traditional business methods and mindsets. They build on the curricular courses to help students build capability and prepare them for Business Design roles.

Graduate level: Business Design Club

One of the most popular student groups at Rotman, the Business Design Club promotes the practice of business design through skill-building workshops that help students master user-centered problem solving.

The club invites Rotman students to explore opportunities to apply the design thinking methodology to solving complex business challenges through sprints, workshops and above all, events such as the Rotman Design Challenge.

Graduate level: Rotman Design Challenge

Hosted by the Business Design club, this annual challenge at the Rotman School brings together top talent from leading MBA and design schools across the globe to propose solutions to a complex business challenge posed by a forward-thinking sponsor. Using creative problem solving techniques and frameworks from both the business and design disciplines, over 125 students develop their skills, network with industry professionals, and compete for cash prizes. They put their design theories into practice in a collaborative environment supported by academics, professionals, and consultants from the fields of business and design.

Undergraduate: Rotman Commerce Business Design Association

This student-run organization exposes Rotman Commerce undergraduates to the concept of business design and harnesses their design-thinking mindset. The club consists of students who are passionate about human-centred solutions and building a community of business designers and future innovators.

The design association offers a number of opportunities for students to home their Business Design skills, including an external consulting internship, and Enterprise Design Thinking, a platform – built in partnership with IBM - to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teams capable of fostering a design-culture within their own workplace.