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Student projects

Students focusing on the healthcare management sector often take advantage of opportunities to tackle real-time local or global organizational challenges. Once MBA foundational material is complete, students may choose from a variety of electives. They may pursue a global consulting project, or an independent consulting project, under the supervision of a faculty member. This project counts as one elective toward the MBA degree. Here are some examples of recently completed projects.

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Global Consulting Project - North Star Alliance

Building on a long-standing relationship between North Star Alliance and the Rotman School of Management, Rotman students Adam Resnick (MMA: Master of Management Analytics) and Dr. Amy Lee Chong (GEMBA-HLS: Global Executive MBA - Healthcare and Life Sciences), participated in a Global Consulting Project between January and June 2020, which was championed by Professor Will Mitchell.


North Star Alliance is an international non-governmental organisation, established through an innovative private-public partnership between the UN World Food Programme and the international transportation company TNT, in response to the negative-impact of HIV within the transport sector across sub-Saharan Africa.


In March 2020, the students undertook a visit to the North Star Alliance East Africa Regional Office in Nairobi, to meet with the East African leadership team, interview clients, visit several RWCs and other NGO healthcare organisations. The key outcomes from the Global Consulting Project were:

  • The strengthening of North Star Alliance’s evidence based sexual and reproductive health programming, that enable North Star Alliance’s clients to overcome barriers to access and receive preventive/treatment care and to navigate different health service offerings.
  • Demonstration of the depth of North Star Alliance’s expertise in the delivery of peer-led, community-based healthcare models, as well as the management and reduction of gender-based violence.
  • Highlighting North Star Alliance’s HIV prevention programming and adaptive targeted community-based recruitment strategies, in align with contemporary global health services literature and practice trends.


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Global Consulting Projects – Sick Kids International

In the summer of 2017 three teams of Rotman students were selected to join three Sick Kids International consulting engagements to support key project deliverables:

  • In Tianjin, China, just outside of Beijing, the students joined a five-year project focused on building capacity and enhancing the pediatric cardiovascular practice model for a private cardiovascular hospital.
  • In Johannesburg they contributed to a two-year project to commission a new children’s hospital and to build capacity to improve access to specialized pediatric healthcare services.
  • In Thane, India, just outside of Mumbai, they were part of a team setting up a 100-bed free-standing pediatric hospital to international standards.


Mars Discovery District

Independent Consulting Project - Venture Portfolio analysis and global health investor targeting at MaRS Discovery District

In the summer of 2018, two Rotman students under the guidance of Professor Will Mitchell analyzed the MaRS Health Ventures portfolio and assessed the global landscape to target appropriate health investors. The portfolio includes 350 companies including those developing therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health products and services. The investors included venture capital firms, corporate venture capital arms of pharma, medical device and others, the majority of which were outside Canada. Their final product was an actionable investor outreach plan for MaRS health investors.