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Sustainability Research Resources

Sustainability related research, literature reviews and toolkits to help you learn how about sustainability techniques and trends.

The LCI’s primary focus is to help current leaders make sense of options, opportunities and approaches to sustainable business. The Lee-Chin Institute main assumption is that global business leaders need new ways of thinking about the role of their business in society - and the LCI has the new tools to help them do it.

Ideas You Can Use

The Lee-Chin Institute develops sustainability research for business leaders with a focus on sustainability strategy, social enterprise, and responsible investment. Follow the links below to see examples of how the LCI’s work has been shared with business leaders


OPEN IMPACT launches to help Canadian investors find impact investment products 

Lee-Chin Institute and Purpose Capital |
OPEN IMPACT, an online resource to help Canadian investors find their social and environmental impact launched.



What If Investors Who Held Their Shares Longer Got More Voting Power?


Roger L. Martin |
A proposal to combat short-termism. 



Bold Bets for Social Change


Roger L. Martin |
To lower the risk of big philanthropic bets, funders should start with smaller, bolder ones.



Impact Investing in Victorian England? The Case of Model Dwellings Companies

Rod Lohin
Can Impact Investing help with affordable housing? Lessons from an early approach to improving social conditions through investment.



Responsible Investing: Canadian Cleantech Investor Profiles

Jason Visscher | Corporate Knights Magazine | Winter 2017
Alternative investment options for Canadians in the cleantech space.



Impact Investing: Tracking the Adoption of a Financial (and Social) Innovation

If impact investing can address barriers to adoption and play up key strengths, it will be one of the breakthrough innovations of our time. 


When Expertise Becomes A Liability

Domain experts are often touted as being invaluable, but when uncertainty prevails, they can actually increase the likelihood of failure.


Getting Beyond Better Syllabus: Being a Social Entrepreneur Is a Way of Seeing...

On the release of Getting Beyond Better and the companion Syllabus.



Are Americans Enamored with the Wrong Kinds of Entrepreneurs?

Roger L. Martin
What it really means to be an entrepreneur. For Drucker Forum 2016: The Entrepreneurial Society.



The False Premise of the Shareholder Value Debate

What it really means to be an entrepreneur. For Drucker Forum 2016: The Entrepreneurial Society.



When Having Too Many Experts on the Board Backfires

A study of banks pursuing uncertain strategies. 




The Lee Chin Institute has sponsored a number of media events and media resources, which can be found below.

We’re also extremely happy to have launched a short  conversion series, where well known sustainability practitioners (Academics, thought leaders, etc) provide short talks about their work and research. Check them out!


Rod Lohin | August 28, 2017
Debunking myths about sustainable business and trade-offs: A message to the 2019 Full Time MBA Business Ethics Class.

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