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Why You Need Curiosity Now — And Two Opportunities to Spark It

By Michael Bungay Stanier

Advice is killing your company. If your organizational culture is more advice-driven than curiosity-led, you’re missing valuable opportunities to be innovative, resilient and successful.

This course should be mandatory for any leader (regardless of how long you have been managing people!). If you are open to being reflective, and thinking differently about how you are seen and how you lead, this course is a must. Be ready to find out about habits that you never realized you had, and be taught new ways to bring out the best in people — including you.

— Kirsten Dougherty, CEO of Reach Out Centre for Kids and Rotman student

Got you feeling curious? That’s our goal.

From Liz Wiseman to Jean Philippe-Courtois and, of course, Box of Crayons’ founder, Michael Bungay Stanier, everyone’s talking about curiosity.

And why is that? Well, because advice is killing your company. This might not be immediately obvious to you (and apologies for stating it in such stark terms), but let that answer sink in. Because even if it’s exaggerated, we maintain that if your organizational culture is more advice-driven than curiosity-led, you’re missing valuable opportunities to be innovative, resilient and successful.

And others agree!

What the smartest organizations have realized is that curiosity has the power to reinvigorate learning, drive innovation and support human connection. They’ve also realized that the real work is to create an environment in which curiosity is encouraged and supported — not diminished.

“But I’m already curious!” you may be thinking.

What we have come to know, and help participants of our programs deeply understand, is that there is a difference between curiosity that primarily serves you and curiosity that primarily serves another person. The latter involves a more challenging way of being, but one that’s more likely to drive impactful outcomes.

Do you —

  • Want to feel less overwhelmed throughout your day?
  • Wish your colleagues and team members were less dependent on you?
  • Long to reduce the sense of overwhelm that comes with that dependency?
  • Wish there were a way to get closer to the work that has real impact?

Of course you do.

So then, what’s getting in the way?

We have a very good idea of what it is and, more importantly, how to address it.

The proof is powerful.

Our client, a multinational leader in intelligent cloud and edge solutions, worked with us to enable their global sales team to be more coach-like in day-to-day interactions, leading with empathy and empowering their teams to grow. Over 6,000 managers successfully completed The Coaching Habit program, resulting in the following ROI:

  • 583% increase in perceived confidence in being able to coach.
  • 87% increase in reported frequency of coaching conversations.
  • 54% increase in agreement that coaching supports business outcomes.
  • 59% reporting themselves as modelling curiosity more often.

Those are some pretty undeniable results, right?

We pride ourselves on offering you an experience that delivers. We take our powerful and practical IP and use adult learning combined with design principles to build an experience with the greatest likelihood of leading real change. Our virtual experiences are offered in three parts in order to reduce Zoom fatigue and, more importantly, offer space between sessions, which we know helps participants learn better and retain information longer.

You’re feeling really curious now, aren’t you?

We’re happy to hear it, because we are currently offering a program at Rotman that you’ll love:

The Coaching Habit is aimed at waking you up to the power of curiosity. With all the critical things on your list, it might feel as if you don’t have time for curiosity. The irony is that curiosity, as opposed to diving into action, can be the far more powerful and efficient way forward — leading to increased innovation, more success and less stress. If you feel stuck in a cycle of overwhelm that’s keeping you from the impact you know you can have and are ready to learn a new habit that’ll help uncover the real challenge and drive powerful conversations forward, then it’s time for The Coaching Habit.

You’re tired of conversations that lack clarity and focus, and you’re looking for the questions that will help you address unhealthy patterns. Through practice, discussion and reflection, you’ll see the powerful effects of coach-like curiosity on finding focus and identifying the real challenge. You’ll explore possible solutions and drive accountability and ownership so that you, your colleagues and your team can finish stronger than ever.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve had more than 100,000 participants in our programs learn to unleash the power of coach-like curiosity.

Are you ready to be the next one?

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