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Learn how to boost your creative potential, stimulate new ways of thinking, develop an innovation program from the ground up, and use empathy to better understand your customers.

Creative Leadership Articles

Articles in this collection:

DIY Innovation: Creating an Innovation Capability within Your Organization
By Rodrigo Canales, Charlie Cannon, Christopher Fabian, Robert Fabricant, Erica Kochi and Rebecca Rabison

‘Creative Intelligence’ and the Urgent Need for Creative Competencies: Q&A with Bruce Nussbaum
By Carolyn Drebin

Flexons: Problem-Solving Lenses for a Problem-Filled World
By Olivier Leclerc and Mihnea Moldoveanu

The Empathic Mindset: Blending Behavioural Insights with Design Thinking
By Delaine Hampton, Mark Leung and Dilip Soman

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