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Learn from the world's leading business thinkers. Rotman faculty have built a stellar reputation for their groundbreaking research, teaching excellence and insights into a wide range of management issues.

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  • Daroga, Rayomand

    Daroga, Rayomand

    Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Finance Area

  • Dart, Beatrix

    Dart, Beatrix

    Academic Director, Experiential & Global Learning
    Director, Initiative for Women in Business
    Professor, Faculty-at-Large

  • Davydenko, Sergei

    Davydenko, Sergei

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Academic Director, Master of Finance Program

  • D'Cruz, Joseph R.

    D'Cruz, Joseph R.

    Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management

  • DeCelles, Katherine A.

    DeCelles, Katherine A.

    Secretary of State Professorship
    Academic Director, PhD Program

  • Derksen, Laura

    Derksen, Laura

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

  • Dhuey, Elizabeth

    Dhuey, Elizabeth

    Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Dimitriadis, Stefan

    Dimitriadis, Stefan

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

  • Distelhorst , Greg

    Distelhorst , Greg

    Assistant Professor, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources and Strategic Management Area

  • Djikic, Maja

    Djikic, Maja

    Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour & HR Management
    Director, Self-Development Lab

  • Dobson, Wendy K.

    Dobson, Wendy K.

    Professor Emerita of Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Doering, Laura

    Doering, Laura

    Associate Professor of Strategic Management

  • Doidge, Craig

    Doidge, Craig

    Professor of Finance, Professorship in Corporate Governance, Vice Dean Faculty

  • Douglas, Scott

    Douglas, Scott

    Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Accounting Area

  • Down, Andrea

    Down, Andrea

    Assistant Professor, Accounting Area (UTSC)

  • Duke, Kristen

    Duke, Kristen

    Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • Dungan, Peter

    Dungan, Peter

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Dunne, David L.

    Dunne, David L.

    Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Marketing

  • Dyck, Alexander

    Dyck, Alexander

    Professor of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy
    Manulife Financial Chair in Financial Services
    Cross Appointed to Faculty of Law
    Academic Director, David & Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance
    Director, Capital Markets Institute.