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SmartCity Expo Barcelona 2022

GMI - SmartCity Expo World Congress Barcelona

(November 15-17, 2022)


Twenty-three MBA students participated in University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management's Global Manager Initiative (GMI), offered through the Rotman Institute for International Business partnership with the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Students spent a couple of months working closely with Ontario companies, supporting their internationalization efforts. MBA students were supported by eleven University of Toronto students in the Commerce program. This was followed by sixteen MBA students attending the SmartCity Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain between 15-17 November 2022.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Leigh Smout, Vinicius Morandi and Jon Joel for playing an incredible role in this partnership. Additionally, we express our gratitude to Taylor Curran and Mary-Anne Meersabeer for their support.


AquaSensing released in 2021 the first battery-free water leak detector on the market. They also explore other applications of moisture sensor technology, including healthcare and wearables. MBA students Keqin Chen and Negar Jeyrani completed a SWOT analysis and

competitor landscape, as well as perfected the company’s pitch deck. They were supported by Commerce students Owen Meunier and Carmen Xiang.

Brainbox AI offers technology to decarbonize and optimize buildings with autonomous AI. MBA students Mudita Mithel, Peter Benjamin Nilsson and Eshita Juneja put together a target list, complete with a description of the company and products.

Brayit AI offers custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to digitize physical spaces to extract insights. MBA students Juan Pedro Plastina and Mishali Grover completed a comprehensive strategic review, including opportunities for the organization and a way to present their capabilities. They were supported by Commerce students Omar Kabir and Jack Hilditch.

Compusult is a global leader in geospatial interoperability. MBA students Farah Alalami and Meher Kalkat helped prepare a comprehensive pitch deck, including a clear definition of the client problem, the solution and the competitive edge illustrated through product features.

IRIS R&D Group’s plug and play award winning irisGO™ data collection device is integrated with artificial intelligence for real-time road condition monitoring. MBA students Parth Agarwal and Fahmid Islam were supported by Commerce student Ke Yao Chen. They performed a market study complete with Porter’s Five Forces, value proposition analysis and competitive advantage analysis.

Liveable Cities, a division of LED Roadway Lighting, is a manufacturer of wireless streetlight controllers, smart city micro-sensors, smart software and energy-efficient LED streetlights. MBA students Teresa Bismar and Gretha Sophie Conrads were supported by Commerce students Pan-Pan Chu and Shuyue Tan. They delivered a market profile deck, complete with potential distributors and key stakeholders for Liveable Cities.

QEA Tech is a software company that combines AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide insights into the building envelope. MBA students Asees Baweja and Pearl Ray, together with Commerce student Kseniia Denys put together a Market Entry Framework, a Market Strategy and pitch Deck for the organization.

RideShark is the only platform globally that automatically calculates distances and auto-logs dynamic carpool trips. MBA students Deeksha Juneja and Xueyi Yang worked primarily on an investor pitch deck, supported by Commerce student Katrina Lai.

Simply Embedded specializes in embedded systems consulting services. Ashley Ascano and Abhinav Jain (MBA students) assisted the company with building a branded deck to present key capabilities and benefits.

The TEBO Group is a progressive group of industries with a solid industry reputation specializing in all types of general contracting and EPC contracting (engineering, procurement, and

construction) work in the field of industrial and commercial construction and installations. TEBO Group were supported by MBA students Brittney East and Mohammad Raouf in creating a market entry strategy and a pitch deck.

Trans-Plan is one of Canada's leading companies in traffic planning and transportation engineering. Astha Maheswari and Enrique Latina were the MBA students assigned to this company. They were supported by Commerce students Mohammad Omair Khan and Seoyeoun Jang. Together, they delivered a long and short form of the pitch deck, as well as potential banner slogans the company could use in their marketing.