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Rotman Digital Marketing: Creating Successful Marketing Strategies

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Leverage the Power of Digital Technologies
to Transform Your Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing has enabled marketers to optimize their spending in ways that were inconceivable with traditional approaches. Marketers are now able to increase the reach and precision of promotions with location-based and behaviour-based targeting. They can measure the actual impact of their marketing efforts through a range of techniques, including ghost ads. They can also enhance customer engagement through social media and leverage it to boost their brand reputation.

The Digital Marketing: Creating Successful Marketing Strategies program from the Rotman School of Management is designed to equip professionals with the concepts, skills, tools, and techniques needed to launch or enhance digitized marketing initiatives. It will enable them to achieve optimized performance and improved ROI in marketing for their organizations.

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You'll get »

This program will enable you to:

  • Discuss the impact of digitization on traditional marketing methods and explore future technologies that are poised to transform the marketing landscape.
  • Learn to leverage digital advertising and social media to better communicate with your customers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Identify how the growing use of social and mobile media and other related trends impact organizational strategies.
  • Analyze digital marketing techniques that can help organizations achieve their goals.
  • Determine appropriate strategies to embrace emerging digital marketing tools.

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Curriculum »

Module 0: Orientation
Get an overview of the program content and the learning platform. Meet your fellow learners through an interactive forum and prepare for the program ahead.

Module 1: Introduction to Digitization and Marketing
Gain an understanding of marketing fundamentals and understand the impact of digitization on traditional marketing, including cost reductions from search to verification. Learn about environmental analyses, market segmentation and the 4Ps.

Module 2: Opportunities through Digital Marketing
Understand the workings of digital channels and their impact on human behaviour. Discover the capabilities of mobile media, including geo-targeting, and explore pricing innovations, such as price bundling and dispersion.

Module 3: The Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Identify key players in the digital advertising ecosystem, including demand-side and supply-side platforms, publishers, agencies, and data suppliers. Examine digital advertising pricing metrics, ad auctions, and the mechanics of search-related advertising.

Module 4: Measurement, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Explore market sizing and market assessment techniques, and learn to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns using experimentation and ghost ads. Describe the rise of AI and ML in marketing and their impact on the sector.

Module 5: Digital Platforms
Examine effective strategies to leverage various digital platforms and their impact on broader market dynamics. Understand the role of verification and online review systems, and how brand reputation can be managed through social media.

Module 6: Key Considerations
Evaluate the role of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and quantum computing, and their impact on marketing. Recognize the core principles of digital technologies and how digital marketing impacts products and prices.

Recorded video lessons, interactive learning, try-it activities, workbook reflections, peer discussion groups, crowdsourced activities, graded assignments 

Avi Goldfarb, Featured Faculty

Professor Avi GoldfarbAvi Goldfarb is the Rotman Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare, and Professor of Marketing, at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Avi is also Chief Data Scientist at the Creative Destruction Lab, Senior Editor at Marketing Science, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Avi received his PhD in economics from Northwestern University. Avi's research focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the digital economy. He has published academic articles in marketing, statistics, law, management, medicine, computing, and economics. His work on online advertising won the INFORMS Society of Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award, and he has testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on competition and privacy in digital advertising. Avi is a co-author of the bestselling book, Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence.

Apply Now$2,600 CAD

This program can count towards earning your Excellence in Executive Leadership certificate. Join an elite circle of leaders building their own path to professional development and receive official recognition from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management.


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Participant profile:
Marketing professionals including managers, traditional marketers, and marketing consultants from across the public and private sectors

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$2,600 CAD

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