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Programs for Individuals and Teams

Rotman's cutting-edge roster of programs are for individuals looking to acquire new professional skills, exceed their goals and gain competitive advantage. Teams in particular gain shared language, tools, and insights to address common challenges.

Upcoming Programs

Leadership & Management

Executive Leadership: Personal »

Take the lead.
October 5–9, 2020


Executive Leadership: Organizational »

Integrating across functions.
November 2–6, 2020


Human Resource Leadership »

Aligning strategy, people and performance.
January 18–21, 2021

Leading Change »

Set direction and inspire action.
December 7–9, 2020


CFO Leadership »

Designed for current and future CFOs.
November 9–13, 2020

Business Agility Leadership »

Learn how to become an agile leader and prepare your organization for the future.
Spring 2021

Presence »

Present your best self for the job you want.
September 17, 2020

MBA Essentials
for Managers »

Become an efficient leader.

Business Leadership
for In-House Counsel »

Learn today. Lead tomorrow.

Innovation & Strategy

Business Design 

Use design methods and techniques to find, frame and solve business problems.
November 19–20, 2020

Enterprise Risk

Protect your future.
October 15–16, 2020

by Design »

Innovate for diversity and equity with evidence, behavioural insights and business design.

Put AI to Work:
Managing with

Transform complex business challenges into new opportunities with Artificial Intelligence and big data.


Prepare for more complex negotiations than ever before.

Negotiations »

Influence success. Create value.
November 30–December 2, 2020

Strategy for
Growth »

Supercharge your strategic capabilities with two powerful frameworks.
September 15–16, 2020
January 19–20, 2021


Financial Literacy
and Analysis »

Master the language of finance.
November 6–8, 2020

of Payments »

Harness new opportunities in the payments space.
November 22–25, 2020
April 11–14, 2021

AI Business School
for Financial
Services »

Get results with AI and Microsoft.

Family Wealth Management »

Learn the key frameworks.

Investor Relations
Certification »

Drive an effective exchange of information with the investment community to achieve fair valuation.

Featured Article »

Connect the dots from statements to actionable insights.


Education »

Better your skills. Better your Board.
September 11, 2020–March 7, 2021
October 30, 2020–April 14, 2021

NFP Governance
Essentials »

Better serve your Not-For-Profit organization and its mission.
June 22–23, 2020

Board Dynamics
for Executives »

Maximize your impact in the boardroom.
June 23–24, 2020

Governance in
Venture Capital
& Private Equity

Getting value from your board and navigating inherent conflicts of interest.

Pension Governance Education »

Explore unique challenges and opportunities.
November 30–December 4, 2020

Board Risk
Oversight and
Insight »

Better anticipate future trends in risk.
June 1–2, 2020

CUES Governance Leadership
Institute™ »

Strengthen your contributions to your credit union as you learn to balance healthy debate and diversity with consensus building at CUES Governance Leadership Institute.

Leader from Rotman School Receives Global Lifetime Achievement Award »

Toronto – A global leader in corporate governance from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management was honoured with a lifetime achievement award from the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) in Milan.

Industry-Specific Programs

Advanced Health Leadership »

Equipping health system leaders for the future.

Health Leadership:
Achieving Your
Potential »

Get the actionable tools, frameworks and leadership training you need to succeed in an increasingly complex health care system.
March 8–12, 2021

Police Leadership »

Enhance your leadership capabilities.
October 26–November 13, 2020

Public Sector
Institute »

Step out of your comfort zone and become a more successful public sector leader. 

Canada's Outstanding Principals »

An executive leadership training program.

#1 in Canada for Open Enrolment - Financial Times 2019

Coaching & Personal Productivity

The Coaching
Habit + »

Say less, ask more and become a better leader.
July 9, 2020

GettingItDone® »

Achieve Organizational and Team Success Through Better Execution.

Search Inside
Yourself »

Using the tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
July 7–8, 2020

in Coaching »

Become part of a global coaching network with access to real time research and developments.

Featured Article »

Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.

On Demand

With our Custom programs, we can bring any of our offerings to you or build a bespoke program that fits your organizational needs.

Executive Leadership: Accelerated
Development »

Build the capabilities you need to accelerate your transformation into the leader you aspire to be.

Crisis Prevention, Management and Communication »

Lead your organization through a crisis with confidence and learn how to prevent future crises.


Economics at
Work »

Understand and influence consumer behaviour.

Coaching &
Mastery »

Influence others at all levels and deepen your leadership practice.

Marketing »

Refine your marketing skills with new insights, tools, and strategies for a global and digital market.

Artificial Intelligence:
An Executive Primer »

How to use AI in your business for strategy.

Business Design
Facilitation »

Facilitate and train design thinkers inside your organization.

Learn more about
Custom Programs »

Create lasting impact at all levels of your organization

Featured Article »

The sticky note that made Canada Post think like a startup.

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Teams »

Looking to develop a high-performing team? Dramatically improve relations in your team with critical frameworks on team dynamics, decision-making, culture and communication.

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Humans +
Machines »

Spot opportunities and create value by using a human-centered approach in the digital age.

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Data & Analytics »

Develop the skills you need to understand managerial issues and translate business problems into questions that can be quantifiably addressed with data and analytics tools.

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Online Executive
Education »

Experience Rotman’s world-class learning from anywhere around the globe. With online learning you can access a wealth of insights from Rotman’s industry expert faculty no matter where you live or work, and on your own schedule.

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