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Relevant and Flexible Open-enrolment Learning

Rotman's cutting-edge roster of programs are for individuals looking to broaden their perspectives, acquire new professional skills, refresh their knowledge, exceed their goals or gain competitive advantage. Rotman offers a wide variety of learning programs and formats that benefit the public, private and non-profit professional communities.

Leading Strategic Change

Business Leadership
for Finance Executives
Program »

Leading Strategic
Change »


Designed for current and future CFOs.
June 4–8, 2018

Set direction and inspire action.
April 9–13, 2018
April 8–12, 2019

Strategic Business Leadership Program

Rotman's Executive
Leadership Program »


Rotman's Strategic
Business Leadership
Program »

Take the lead.
May 7–11, 2018
October 15–19, 2018

Integrating across functions.
April 23–27, 2018
October 29–November 2, 2018

Strategic HR Mangement Program

Rotman's Strategic
Human Resource
Management Program »

MBA Essentials for Managers»

Aligning strategy, people and performance.
January 21–25, 2019

Become an efficient leader.
May 3–31, 2018

Rotman R  Learn about our Industry-Specific Leadership Programs »

Behavioural Economics in Action

Behavioural Economics at Work »

Design Thinking: Connecting Innovation and Strategy »  

Understand and influence consumer behaviour.

Connect strategy with customer-centric innovation.
April 9–11, 2018
July 17–19, 2018

Making Artificial Intelligence Work for You »

Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works »

How to use AI in your business for strategy
March 27–29, 2018

Explore a winning strategy framework.
October 4, 2018

Search Inside
Yourself »

Integrative Thinking
for Leaders »

Using the tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
July 10–11, 2018

Create better choices.
October 5, 2018

Strategic Negotiations Program

Rotman's Strategic Negotiations Program »

Rotman's Family Wealth Management Program »

Influence success. Create value.

Learn the key frameworks.
April 12–15, 2018

Rotman's Financial Literacy Program »

Rotman's Data Literacy Program Program »

Master the language of finance.
April 27–29, 2018
November 2–4, 2018

Leverage big data. Improve decision-making.

The Coaching Habit »

GettingItDone® »

Say less, ask more and become a better leader.
February 26, 2018
September 11, 2018

Achieve Organizational and Team Success Through Better Execution.
October 26, 2018

Coaching for Great Work »

The Last Feedback Workshop Ever »

Simple, practical coaching skills for the time-stretched manager and leader.
April 17, 2018

What if having those tough conversations was just a whole lot less… tough?
September 20, 2018



Board Human Resources Committee Program »

Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program »

Impact future organizational growth and success.

Better anticipate future trends in risk.
June 19–20, 2018
November 27–28, 2018

Rotman-ICD Directors Education Program »

Rotman-ICD NFP Governance Essentials Program »

Better your skills. BETTER YOUR BOARD.
January 29–September 16, 2018

Better serve your Not-For-Profit organization. AND ITS MISSION.
February 26–27, 2018
June 6–7, 2018


Rotman-ICPM Board Effectiveness Program for Pension and Other Long-Horizon Investment Institutions »


Explore unique challenges and opportunities.


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