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Rotman Business Design Thinking: From Insight to Innovation

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Route to Innovation

Innovation never takes the path of least resistance. It is a challenging journey with setbacks, switchbacks, and roadblocks that can make you wonder if you're even advancing. Luckily, there is a kind of GPS for innovation, offered to you in Rotman's six-week online Business Design Thinking program.

Under the guidance of business design expert Dr. Angèle Beausoleil, you will master a progression of steps leading to new processes for creative thinking and problem solving. Using the four stages of sustainable innovation, you will move from initiation to implementation, revolutionizing your company's products, services, and processes. You will learn to approach business problems from a more human perspective by way of the principles of design thinking. Through collaboration, prototyping, experimentation, storytelling, and reflection, you will gain insights into your customer's pain points and proceed confidently in the direction of thoughtful, effective, and innovative solutions.

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What you'll get:

This intense six-week online program provides a 4-step framework to navigate the innovation process. You will learn strategies to leverage existing business frameworks and new design techniques to find, frame, and solve business problems in contemporary ways. Key outcomes include:

  • Enhancing your design literacy and creative thinking processes
  • Collaborating effectively in professional teams
  • Identifying the 4 stages of innovation
  • Solving business problems through sensing, sensemaking, and changemaking


Each module is designed to help you craft the narrative for your company's data literacy by improving your own data fluency and gaining an understanding of the business value quality data and expert analytics can create for your business.

Module 1: Innovation Process

As you develop your own personal strategies, you will explore the critical skills of 21st century innovators; identify the four stages of innovation; and practice Business Design processes: finding, framing, and solving.

Module 2: Initiation

Kickstarting an innovation process with an intent and quickly building your innovation team requires you to learn more about the mindset and behaviors associated with innovators and to identify individual and group faces and types. The initiation phase leads to drafting an Innovation Design Brief in the context of a business challenge.

Module 3: Investigation: Need Finding

As you acquire new methods for the investigation stage, including field and online research and data collection, you will learn to describe design research methods in the context of need finding, develop observation skills, and develop empathy interview skills.

Module 4: Integration: Problem Framing

In this phase of innovation, you will move from needs analysis and collecting data from field research to the synthesis stage, or framing the right problem. Methods in the integration phase include describing the value of an insight and designing a "How Might We" statement.

Module 5: Implementation: Problem Solving

The final stage of the 4-stage process guides you to transform insights into ideas. You will generate ideas, test prototypes as business solutions, develop metaphors and analogies from your "How Might We" question, and assess your ideas through the three lenses of innovation.

Module 6: Reflection

As you prepare to present your final project, you will learn to tell powerful stories to affect change, solve complex business challenges, and demonstrate the importance of reflection.

For full details about the curriculum, including the session schedule, please download the brochure.

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Angèle Beausoleil, Star Faculty

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Business Design and Innovation

Dr. Angèle Beausoleil is a 'pracademic' who leads field (action) research inside organizations on innovation process design, navigation and management. She applies her 25 years of business experience to crafting high-impact teaching and student-centred learning experiences.  Dr. Beausoleil is Canada's first PhD to focus on innovation literacy (innovativeness/innovatorship) using business/strategic design (design thinking) processes and methods.

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Product Managers who focus on innovation and research and development including innovation managers, growth managers, R&D, product heads, and others.

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$2,600 CAD

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