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Leadership is a long-term commitment

The most iconic leaders of our time have one thing in common: a life-long commitment to continuous improvement. Now, you can gain recognition for your dedication to long-term professional development and your commitment to stay ahead of today’s critical issues.

Earn an Excellence in Executive Leadership Certificate from Rotman

It’s simple. Over three years, complete three qualifying programs in any order and earn the Rotman Excellence in Executive Leadership Certificate from Canada’s leading business school and top University. 

Our team of learning experts have designed a suite of programs that develop both your leadership capabilities and strategic understanding of today’s emerging topics specifically so you can stay a step ahead. Complete at least one program from the Leadership Suite and up to two from the Focused Suite below to earn your certificate.

Why a certificate?

  • Gain recognition of your long-term commitment to leadership development from Canada’s #1 provider of executive education
  • Receive recognition as a member of the Rotman community, with access to the school-wide alumni network
  • Enjoy membership in an exclusive LinkedIn group 
  • Advanced registration preference when you indicate your intention to complete the certificate

You will also receive

  • A discount offer you can share with friends and family
  • Exclusive invitations to special events
  • Access to the Rotman Alumni meeting room and Rotman wifi for downtown meetings
  • Access to the online Rotman community

How does it work?

Choose at least one program from the Leadership suite below and up to two from the Focused suite. Start with whichever program you like - you do not have to start with one from the Leadership Suite. Complete all three programs within three calendar years and you will receive your Excellence in Executive Leadership Certificate as well as all the benefits above. Don't forget, you save 25% off the cost of your second, third, and all future eligible programs.

For example, you could take Executive Leadership: Personal, Inclusion by Design and Leading Change. Another possible route to your certificate would be Health Leadership: Achieving Your Potential, Executive Leadership: Organizational, and Negotiations. You can build a trio of programs that best suits your individual needs. 

*This program is not eligible for a discount but counts towards your certificate.

For example, you could take three leadership programs, or one leadership and two focused programs, or two leadership programs and one focused program. Any of these combinations would earn you a certificate as long as they are completed within three calendar years.

When you begin your third program towards the certificate, tell us you would like to complete your certificate in your program application form. For further information contact or call 416.978.8815. 

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