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Generative AI and Organizational Transformation

Leverage Generative AI to Unlock Value Across your Organization

The emergence of generative AI is a significant leap in innovation and growth. Unlike traditional AI systems that primarily analyze data and make predictions based on patterns, generative AI promises endless capabilities by creating entirely new content. This disruptive technology has the potential to completely transform an organization through creating content, personalizing products and services, creating simulations and leveraging predictions for informed decision-making and mitigating risks, and revolutionizing the customer service experience.

Generative AI: A Once in a Generation Opportunity

Deploying generative AI requires more than just adopting the technology. It requires identifying organizational challenges and opportunities where generative AII can unlock value and preparing your organization’s people and processes to adapt and adopt. Key considerations in the process to reap the rewards of this new technology include:


Creating a Strategic Roadmap

Organizations need a clear understanding of the transformational capability of generative AI. This means being able to clearly articulate how to leverage generative AI to amplify organizational strengths and how to use it to complement or solve for gaps.


Skill Development

Organizations need to invest in upskilling their workforce to understand, adopt, and manage generative AI systems effectively. This includes training across roles and functions and identifying potential talent recruitment needs.

Ethical Considerations

Generative AI raises ethical concerns regarding the authenticity of generated content, potential biases encoded in models, and misuse of the technology for malicious purposes and the replacement of workers. Organizations must develop robust ethical frameworks and governance to ensure responsible use of generative AI that aligns with their organization’s values and demonstrate how AI can make employees work more effectively – not become obsolete.

Collaborative Culture

Given the interdisciplinary nature of generative AI, fostering employee buy-in and a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing across different teams and departments is crucial. This enables cross-pollination of ideas, facilitates innovation, and accelerates the adoption of generative technologies.

Understanding Resistance

Deploying potentially controversial technology such as generative AI also requires understanding the logic behind resistance to adoption. The best way to address resistance is to highlight proof points of how adoption will strengthen the organization.


Rotman’s Generative AI and Organizational Transformation program gives leaders the confidence and strategic insights to understand and leverage the implications of generative AI so they can redesign their organizations, workflows and culture to stay ahead of the once-in-a-generation opportunities coming.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for strategic applications of generative AI in your processes, products and services
  • Gain understanding of how to successfully integrate generative AI in operational practices
  • Plan to mitigate the risks and ethical concerns posed by integrating generative AI within the organization

Apply Now OCT 30-NOV 1, 2024 | $6.950 CAD +HST



Meet the Faculty and Instructors teaching in Rotman's Generative AI and Organizational Transformation program


Sessions include:

  • The impact of Generative AI
  • Generative AI and Large Language Models: Opportunities and Risks
  • Applications: Consumer Research, Products and Services, Public Policy and Healthcare
  • Integrating AI
  • The Buy versus Build Dilemma
  • Adopting AI and Building an Innovative Culture
  • Risk and Governance

Apply Now OCT 30-NOV 1, 2024 | $6.950 CAD +HST


Program Experience

By combining expert insights, real case study analyses, and discussions with industry practitioners, Rotman’s Generative AI and Organizational Transformations program empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of the practical applications of generative AI. You'll leave with an enhanced ability to create value for your organization as you understand how to infuse generative AI into core functions and processes.

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This program can count towards earning your Excellence in Executive Leadership certificate. Join an elite circle of leaders building their own path to professional development and receive official recognition from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management.


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3 Day In-Person Program

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October 30-November 1, 2024

Class runs from 
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET

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Rotman School of Management
Toronto, ON

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Participant profile:
Generative AI promises to transform every role within organizations. Anyone with a strategic need to get ahead of this transformation should consider attending, including:

  • Executives who need to set direction for their organizations
  • Senior managers who need to formulate strategies and want to understand how AI will transform their departments and functions
  •  Forward-looking talent looking to leverage emerging technologies
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$6,950 CAD + HST  

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