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Sustainability Leadership

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We've entered a new era of business-one in which sustainability isn't an option but a requirement. In fact, sustainability is now a key driver of business innovation, and there's no turning back. This rapid shift requires business leaders who understand how to develop sustainable practices that foster new growth in their organizations and generate enhanced economic, social, and environmental outcomes in the long term.

The Sustainability Leadership: Innovation for Growth program delivers innovation, leadership, and strategic frameworks that can help you learn to build a case for sustainability initiatives and lead successful sustainability strategies in your organization.

What you'll get: At the end of this 6-week online program, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to use sustainability as a source of innovation to drive new growth and generate enhanced economic, social, and environmental outcomes
  • Describe how to improve the overall governance of leadership and teams
  • Outline the steps involved in attracting, retaining, and growing employees, customers, and suppliers
  • Articulate the impact of sustainability on profitability

Sustainability is here to stay


Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $50 trillion by 2025 with sustainability serving as the foundation for business models.



More than 2,000 global organizations have set an emissions reduction target via the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).



Nearly all of the G250 - a full 96% of the world's 250 largest organizations - are now reporting on their sustainability efforts.


Apply Now - $2,600 CADSustainability Leadership


Module 1: An Introduction to Sustainability and Governance

Explore the history and the science of sustainability, analyze sustainable business and learn how the cleantech industry can help tackle sustainability.  

Module 2: How Change and Open Innovation Are Shaping Sustainability Outcomes

Learn the true impact of the exponential pace of change and open innovation on businesses and delve into seven major global challenges that have impacted our world to see why business model innovation is a pathway foward.

Module 3: Building a Sustainable Business

Evaluate the importance of Vision, Mission, Value, and Purpose in designing sustainable businesses and recognize the need for sustainability leadership and good governance.

Module 4: Transitioning to Circular, Low-Carbon Economies and Business Models

Examine the implications of a post-covid world on how we work and live and recognize the significance of the circular economy as the only sustainable growth model.

Module 5: Sustainability Finance

Learn why engaging in environment, social and governance (ESG) issues is consistent with the fiduciary responsibility of managers and why it's important for businesses to report on their triple bottom line.

Module 6: Relevant Party Engagement

Learn why engaging with relevant parties-rather than just shareholders-leads to better outcomes for all, and learn how to develop engagement plans for all relevant parties.

For full details about the curriculum, including the session schedule, please download the brochure.

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Sustainability Action 

The program features a sustainability playbook where you can note initiatives that could be implemented in your organization and use them to work through related exercises in each module. Example exercises include: 

  • Review a list of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and determine three initiatives your organization might be best able to address.
  • Use the triple-layered business model canvas to identify opportunities to integrate sustainability into your organization. 
  • Conduct a relevant party analysis: Identify and map them and develop an engagement plan.

Key Framework: The Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas

A key framework of the Sustainability Leadership: Innovation for Growth program is the Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas, a tool that's designed to help create more sustainable business models. The three "layers" include: 

  • The Economic layer (based on the original Business Model Canvas development tool) 
  • The Environmental layer (lifecycle perspective)
  • The Social layer (relevant parties perspective) 

The canvas can help business leaders develop a clearer understanding of the interrelationship between these three aspects of their business model. 

Exploring Sustainability Through Real-World Examples

The program highlights a broad range of real-world sustainability case examples, including:

Sustainability Infographics



Program Experience Infographics



Each week, you'll develop potential initiatives related to that week's content and note them in your playbook. Near the end of the program, you'll use your accumulated findings to complete a final capstone project. This will involve: 

  • Looking back on the initiatives you've developed each week and prioritizing them
  • Developing an execution plan for your top-priority initiative 
  • Having your initiative reviewed by program leaders and receiving their feedback


Richard Blundell, Featured Faculty

Executive-in-Residence at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Mr. Blundell has over 35 years of senior executive management and consulting experience in the global environmental services and technology sectors. His experience includes operations management, corporate and market development, mergers and acquisitions, new business initiation, and consulting. Mr. Blundell’s international experience includes running businesses in East and West Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia (12 countries from India to China).

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