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Virtual Programs

Learn from the comfort of your home, in real-time virtual experiences with a cohort of your peers.

We know you might need to build or improve on your skills and add to your resume during this time. That's why we're launching online programs with special pricing.

Don't feel alone while you continue your professional development using our online platforms. We've designed programs to accommodate both the current challenges of working from home while maintaining and building connections with a class of your peers across different industries and organizations. You'll still gain the networking benefits of our in-class programs while learning from the comfort of your home with a schedule adapted to your current needs.

For Individuals & Teams: Real-Time Virtual Experiences

At Your Own Pace Online Learning

Our educational partners at Emeritus and GetSmarter offer asynchronous online programs for a flexible learning experience. 

From 2U GetSmarter:

Blockchain and
Decentralized Finance »

Gain the necessary knowledge and practical tools to navigate a changing financial system.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Leading Organizational Strategy »

Discover the importance of creating and promoting a cyber-aware culture within your organization.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Digital Transformation »

Give your organization a competitive advantage with a robust digital transformation plan.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Enabling Impact Through Inclusive Leadership »

Learn how to promote inclusivity by investigating how your own identity and privilege influence your approach to leadership.
Ongoing Offerings

Future of Payments »

Gain an in-depth understanding of the developments and innovations in the PayTech and payments landscape with the FinTech: Future of Payments online program.
Ongoing Offerings

Online Program »

Learn to build resilient healthcare teams by focusing on developing compassion, building trust, and promoting collaboration.
Ongoing offerings

Leading Strategic
Change Online Program »

Give your organization a competitive advantage with a robust digital transformation plan.
Ongoing Offerings.

Senior Leadership:
Online Program »

Gain the knowledge needed to face the challenges of senior leadership in a modern organization with this online program.
Ongoing Offerings.

Women in Leadership:
Online Program »

Overcome the internalized barriers to your success as a woman in the workplace and embark on a journey of reflection.
Ongoing Offerings.

From Emeritus:

Business Analytics:
Data-driven Decision Making»

Analyzing data and putting it to work for you and your business is an essential skill for executives today.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Design Thinking:
From Insight to Innovation »

Innovation never takes the path of least resistance.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings 

Digital Marketing:
Creating Successful Marketing Strategies »

Digital marketing has enabled marketers to optimize their spending in ways that were inconceivable with traditional approaches.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Building Financial
Acumen for
Non-Financial Managers »

Better Decision-Making with Financial Acuity
Ongoing Offerings

Healthcare Analytics:
AI, Big Data & Digital Transformation »

Enhance your leadership capabilities.
Ongoing Offerings

MBA Essentials »

Become an efficient leader.
Ongoing Virtual Offerings.


Sustainability Leadership»

Build a case for a sustainable organization
Ongoing Virtual Offerings

Available Online for Groups of 15 or More:

With our Custom programs, we can bring any of our offerings to you or build a bespoke program that fits your organizational needs. Interested in these topics? Contact us about a custom offering.

Leadership »

Become a more engaged, creative and adaptable leader.

Executive Leadership: Accelerated
Development »

Build the capabilities you need to accelerate your transformation into the leader you aspire to be.

Crisis Prevention, Management and Communication »

Lead your organization through a crisis with confidence and learn how to prevent future crises.


Economics at
Work »

Understand and influence consumer behaviour.

Marketing »

Refine your marketing skills with new insights, tools, and strategies for a global and digital market.

Artificial Intelligence:
An Executive Primer »

How to use AI in your business for strategy.

Business Design
Facilitation »

Facilitate and train design thinkers inside your organization.

Put AI to Work:
Managing with

Transform complex business challenges into new opportunities with Artificial Intelligence and big data.

Innovation Readiness for a New Normal:
A Real-Time Virtual Experience »

Is your organization positioned to pivot? Learn to assess, improve and innovate for success in a rapidly changing world.

Learn more about
Custom Programs »

Create lasting impact at all levels of your organization.

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