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Use Your Imagination (Fall 2011)

Whenever we plan or describe something, when we think about possibilities, we are imagining. Unfortunately, our education systems are designed to teach people to look for one 'right' answer, when in fact, imagining how things could be different is one of the most important capacities we possess. In this issue, we examine the boundless human imagination in hopes of enabling more of the thinking and behaviour that it engenders.

Undiscussables (Spring 2011)

Doing business is fundamentally about conversations. What gets talked about - and how it gets talked about - determines what will happen, and what won't. Unfortunately, what doesn't get talked about can be even more important than what does. In this issue, our goal is to enable you to lift the veil on the Undiscussable in your organization and to provide some tools for dealing with difficult issues in productive ways.

Thinking about Thinking II (Winter 2011)

The second in our 'Thinking about Thinking' series, this issue explores how engaging in self-analysis increasingly determines the quality of our work and our lives. As this issue shows, the extent to which any of us develops as a thinker is directly determined by the amount of time and effort we dedicate to our development, the quality of the intellectual practice we engage in, and the strength of our commitment.