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Whether you are a CEO guiding a global corporation, a team leader in a small start-up or an influential figure in your community, the path of leadership is marked by constant evolution and self-improvement. In this issue of Rotman Management we explore the multifaceted dimensions of great leadership as a work in progress.

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From the Editor

As the world recovers from COVID-19, massive changes are afoot — and not all of them are pleasant. Society is polarized and divided. The economy is constantly fluctuating. And our environment is suffering....

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10 Shifts Making Waves Across Industries

by Patrick Simon, Dana Maor and Patrick Guggenberger

Leaders must embrace and address 10 waves of change that have significant implications for organizational structures, processes and people.

Anne Hilton

Thought Leader Interview: Carol Anne Hilton

Interview by Karen Christensen

The founder of the Indigenomics Institute describes how the Indigenous worldview is critical to our collective future.

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Is AI an Existential Threat?

Gillian Hadfield, Pedro Domingos and Jérémie Harris speak to Steve Paikin

Many people were surprised by the March 2023 open letter from tech leaders requesting a moratorium on AI development. Three thought leaders debate whether or not AI is an existential threat to humanity.

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The Pros and Cons of Over-Arguing

by Rhia Catapano

In the realm of persuasion, people generally believe that more is better. But that isn’t always true: Over-arguing can also trigger a negative response.

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The Microstress Effect

by Rob Cross and Karen Dillon

There is a palpable crisis of well-being today. But there is also a powerful antidote: identify and eliminate some of the ‘microstresses’ in your life.

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AI Adoption in American Business

by Kristina McElheran
A lack of comprehensive data on AI use by firms has left its adoption and implications poorly understood. My colleagues and I recently set out to fill in some of the blanks.

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ChatGPT: What Leaders Need to Know

by Ethan Mollick and Curt Nickisch

Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick believes ChatGPT is as big a deal for leaders as COVID-19 was — and that it is likely to make everyone more productive.

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Corporate Fraud

by Alexander Dyck

Fraudulent behaviour by corporations is much more common than you might think. Indeed, the stories in the media are just the tip of the iceberg.

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What Are Your Management Operating Principles?

By Claire Hughes Johnson

Identifying and understanding the personal ‘guardrails’ that influence your work and management style can make you a better leader.

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Creating Value From Data

by Barbara Wixom, Cynthia Beath and Leslie Owens

Three approaches to data monetization can help every organization ensure that its data investments pay off.

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Tech Trends Every Leader Needs to Understand

by Amy Webb

Trends, on their own, cannot predict the future. But by understanding the changes shaping the technology landscape, executives can make informed decisions and capitalize on new opportunities.

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How to Protect Your Data Assets

by Michael Parent, Greg Murray and Glen Whyte

Protecting your organization’s precious digital assets is no longer a choice. The price you could pay by failing to act is far too great.

Idea Exchange

Alison Wood

Why All Conversations are Difficult

QUESTIONS FOR | Alison Wood Brooks
Behavioural Scientist and Professor, Harvard Business School
Interview by Matt Abrahams

An expert on difficult conversations explains why all conversations are difficult—and what to do about it.

ed catmull

Ed Catmull on Core Elements of His Leadership Style

Co-Founder, Pixar and Author, Creativity Inc.
Interview by Jason Hreno

A film industry pioneer explains the core elements of his leadership style—and why people are wrong about Steve Jobs.

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