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Big-Picture Thinking | Winter 2024 Issue

Most of the cutting-edge innovations we enjoy today are the result of big-picture thinking, which can be defined as ‘the ability to take a wide-angle view of any situation or initiative’ — to zoom out and see how things are interconnected. And this is an increasingly important capability for leaders. Rather than getting stuck ‘in the weeds,’ big-picture thinkers can imagine the far-reaching implications of a particular project or decision.


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From the Editor

Leadership today is permeated by paradoxes: leaders must hold and share power; generate short term and long-term results; provide stability and display adaptability; optimize data and use hard-earned intuition — to name a few....

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Is it Time to Reimagine the C-Suite?

Given the growing demands on C-suite executives, the current structure for leading companies may not be sustainable.

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Q&A with Andrew McAfee, Author,The Geek Way

An expert on succeeding in the digital economy shares insights and key opportunities from his latest book.

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Q&A with Vanessa Patrick, Author, The Power of Saying No

A researcher and author describes ‘the art of empowered refusal’ and ways to harness your full potential

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Mauro Gullen

Mauro Guillen on The Perennial Mindset

Interview by Karen Christensen

A sociologist and former business school Dean describes the new era of the ‘Perennial’.


Generative AI: What Leaders Need to Know

by Krish Banerjee

Over the next decade, ‘foundation models’ will be game changers, transforming strategy and business planning and powering novel offerings.

Article illustration

How to Combat Emotional Exhaustion at Work

by John Trougakos

Emotional exhaustion at work is influenced by a variety of factors. On the bright side, that means interventions can be designed to address it.


The AI Dilemma: Uniting Four Logics of Power

by Juliette Powell and Art Kleiner

If we want trustworthy AI systems, we need to integrate four perspectives: engineering logic, social justice logic, corporate logic and government logic.


Exploring the DeFi Landscape

by Andreas Park and Jona Stinner

‘Liquidity mining’ may provide a competitive edge for emerging platforms if they are able to convince users of their value proposition and growth potential.


How Social Networks Impact Stock Prices

by Edna Lopez Avila, Charles Martineau and Jordi Mondria

Information on social media displays excessive optimism about earnings announcements, which can lead to price run-ups.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth: From Vision to Reality

by Steven A. Cohen and Karen Christensen

Environmental policy and sustainability pioneer Steven Cohen shares insights from his latest book about what sustainability looks like in practice.

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