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Business Design Fundamentals

Use design methods and techniques to find, frame and solve business problems.

Innovation for today’s business challenges. Business Design Fundamentals is evolving into the most prolific approach to organizational design and service innovation. Today’s leaders must be equipped with a mindset, skill-set and tool-set to creatively solve problems that focus on the user, customer or stakeholder.

This intensive program provides the fundamentals of ‘design thinking’ for business over a 2-day sprint. You will learn and apply industry leading user-centered design research, prototyping and storytelling methods to real business challenges.

Angèle Beausoleil, Star Faculty

Angèle Beausoleil

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Business Design and Innovation

Dr. Angèle Beausoleil is a 'pracademic' who leads field (action) research inside organizations on innovation process design, navigation and management. She applies her 25 years of business experience to crafting high-impact teaching and student-centred learning experiences.  Dr. Beausoleil is Canada's first PhD to focus on innovation literacy (innovativeness/innovatorship) using business/strategic design (design thinking) processes and methods.

Learn by doing.

Ideate, prototype and retest a real-world innovation challenge and truly get comfortable with the framework. You'll gain a design mindset and learn to build a business case for design.

By the end of the two days you will be able to

  • use design methods and techniques to find, frame and solve problems
  • think differently about needs, problems and solutions and
  • understand how empathy, creativity, prototyping and storytelling are critical for business innovation

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This innovative program focuses on understanding what customers need and how meeting those needs can drive business. Our expert faculty will guide you through every step.

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2-day workshop

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Rotman School of Management
Toronto, Ontario

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Business Design is broadly applicable across industry and responsibility area of any business. Managers and above will find these tools and techniques useful regardless of their function or role

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$4,250 CAD + HST

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