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The student perspective

Hear from current Master of Financial Risk Management students on why they decided to choose Rotman as the launchpad for their career.

Class of 2021

Ahsan, MFRM '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, Financial Analysis, Mount Royal University 

“The MFRM program is a great way to expose yourself to Capital Markets in Toronto. The program is also proactive to changes in the workplace; currently, there is a shift towards financial technology as well as data analysis skills in Python.”

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Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce with Honors (Major in Accounting), University of Alberta

“ After talking with several MFRM alumni, I found out the Rotman MFRM program is an excellent opportunity for me to switch my career path. This is an intense program to equip me with not only technical knowledge but also practical experiences.

Image of Miranda, MFRM '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce, Specialization in Finance and Commerce, University of Toronto, Canada  

“ MFRM is a quantitative Master program offered at the top business school in Canada. It places a strong emphasis on case-oriented programming and modelling training, which provides opportunities to develop the gaps in the needed skillset of financial risk management.

Image of Nicholas, MFRM '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Applied Science (Major in Mathematics and Engineering), Queen’s University 

“ When I accepted my offer to Rotman my main goal was to gain a competitive advantage and advance my career journey in one of fastest growing fields in finance.  I am fully confident that over the next 10 months I will achieve this goal and be positioned for career success

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Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Ottawa 

“ The Master of Financial Risk Management program offers that while providing its candidates the opportunity of working at an industry project, which applies the knowledge we learned from classroom and transform them into work settings, it is the biggest reason why I joined the program.

Class of 2020

Image of Christopher, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op), Finance Major, Dalhousie University, Canada

“I am really looking forward to my project placement with CPP Investment Board.”

Image of Denise, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: BComm, Specialization in Finance and Economics, Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto, Canada

“The MFRM program provides tools to develop an optimal mix of communication and technical skills required to be well-positioned for career opportunities in risk management.”

Image of Enci, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

“By introducing relevant courses and projects, the faculty here recognizes key changes in the industry, future-proofing the program, and ensuring that students stay competitive in this industry.”

Image of Kelvin, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: BCom Joint Honours in Economics and Finance, McGill University, Canada

"I chose Rotman because of its strong industry connections and focus on career services and development."

Image of Mary, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts, Major Economics, Minor Human Resources Management, Specialization in Finance, Honours Co-op Program, University of Waterloo, Canada

“The MFRM industry project will give me first-hand experience working with risk management professionals to tackle relevant issues.”

Image of Wenting, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Math Application in Economics and Finance, University of Toronto, Canada

“The curriculum not only covers different aspects of risk, but also includes trending topics and tools which are being extensively applied in the financial industry.”

Image of Yiyuan, MFRM Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Major: Finance & Investment Banking; Risk Management & Insurance; Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

“All our professors are respected and engaging. The opportunity to learn from and work with these faculty members is one of the top reasons I chose Rotman.”

Class of 2019

Image of Bryan, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: H.B.Sc., Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto, Canada

“The MFRM was the only program that offered a broad and deep study of financial risk management, the opportunity to develop my ability to think critically about the challenges facing financial institutions and the skills to develop solutions.”

Image of Djordje, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), Financial Analysis, Mount Royal University, Canada

"The Rotman School of Management is a highly regarded institution, among the most prestigious to pursue higher education."

Image of Fernando, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: B.A. Specialization in Financial and Business Economics, York University

“What probably caught my eye wasn’t the almost perfect placement rate but rather the genuine interest in the wellbeing and career development of the students.”

Image of Kevin, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Financial Analysis and Risk Management, University of Waterloo, Canada

“MFRM provides me an opportunity to work on a practical project to solve real-life problems for financial institutions.”

Image of Michael, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, New York University, United States

“With its extensive alumni network, [Rotman] gives us a lot more career opportunities compared to other business schools.”

Image of Patricia, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: BSc Mathematics and Financial Economics, Dundee University, United Kingdom

"With an increasing demand for risk management professionals, the MFRM program is the perfect opportunity to use quantitative skills."

Image of Ray, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Toronto, Canada

“I am always a huge believer of data-driven decision making, and hence the MFRM program was a perfect choice for me.”

Image of Samuel, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Honors Bachelor in Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada

“The MFRM program ticked all the boxes for me: interesting curriculum, stellar faculty lineup, amazing resources, and numerous opportunities to network with former alumni.”

Image of Windy, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Public Accounting, Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto, Canada

"I'm looking forward to developing technical skills and engaging with industry the most."

Image of Zain, MFRM Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor in Economics and Statistics, University of British Columbia, Canada

"There is a lot of demand in the financial industry for professionals with knowledge about risk management."

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Key Facts


  • 10 months, full-time


  • September, one intake per year

Tuition fee (2021 entry)

  • Domestic = $39,850 CAD
  • International = $66,650 CAD 

Employment rate

  • 88% (Classes of '17, '18, '19 & '20) 6 months after graduation


  • #1 in Canada
  • #4 in North America
  • #18 in the world

QS World University Rankings: Masters in Finance Rankings 2022